What we do!

Yes, we supply great, fantastic, School Uniform to our Students all year round!

Yes, we support our Students and Schools in various initiatives - in various ways!

... But did you know we have also supplied School Uniform to Television Companies for dramas that have been put on TV?! And, aside from the support we give, we have worked hard to ensure we are doing our bit for the planet - nearly all our Uniform is now "Eco-Uniform" - and made to high quality and ethical standards. This we monitor for every piece of uniform bought.

We have had a busy 2022 and as we look forward to a great new Academic Year of learning and growth - we look forward to serving you and the Community in many ways and looking at opportunities to expand and innovate.

Our Greys and Blues and Whites and Ties are Green(er)

Over the years we have switched to 'Green' or 'Eco'-Uniform. Have you noticed?! This is where the polyester in the fabric is made from recycled plastic! It is one of the ways we - and so our students and parents - are supporting environmental protection and nudging industry change. We can now be even prouder of our wonderful, environmentally friendlier Uniform!

Multiform Canada: Quality at Heart. Innovation in Mind. Students First.

We are your solution for all your school uniform needs. To purchase uniforms, please 'Select your School' from the menu bar.