Fantastic NEW School Shoes range!

We are introducing a brilliant new ethically made range of school shoes for the new Academic Year.

We have researched and analysed and assessed and have partnered with a wonderful brand that specially designs and makes school shoes. The shoes are stylish, comfortable and durable and come with a wonderful sole!

We decided to go for a slightly different look that will appeal to young students and older ones; something more cool and fashionable to suit our more discerning new generation!

Please look at our new range: Maxx, Kate, Stan and Willow.

Our Greys and Blues and Whites and Ties are Green(er)

Over the years we have switched to 'Green' or 'Eco'-Uniform. Have you noticed?! This is where the polyester in the fabric is made from recycled plastic! It is one of the ways we - and so our students and parents - are supporting environmental protection and nudging industry change. We can now be even prouder of our wonderful, environmentally friendlier Uniform!

You can read our Ethical Statement here

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