About Us

Multiform Canada is a family owned company born in Mississauga! We have developed to become a specialist provider of high-quality school uniform to private schools in Ontario.

We offer a customised uniform service to schools and parents, ensuring that each child is clothed in high quality, durable and well-fitted uniform. Our uniforms are modern, unique with a full range of desired styles and products.

We are inspired by three guiding principles: Integrity, Ethical Business and Supporting Communities.

- We will always provide high-quality uniform and never cut corners. Trust is central to our relationships with our schools and parents - and we maintain this confidence through our excellent products, professional service and our support and guidance for parents in getting the right uniform for their children.

- Ethical business practice underpins our work. We want to ensure that our uniforms are produced ethically - with fair wages, in good conditions and through a process that respects the environment.

- Giving back to our schools and supporting communities is very important to us. One of our core beliefs is that we are all part of a social fabric and are connected in many ways. We like to get involved and you will often find us amidst our schools' social and fundraising activities!!

Please do have a look around our website and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.