Are you a school requiring a solution for your school uniform needs?

If you are looking for a professional, efficient and highly dependable uniform supplier, focused on exceeding the needs of your school and parents - then your search stops here…

Multiform Canada is a Canadian company which focuses on supplying high quality and comfortable school uniform to private schools.

As a busy school, no doubt your priority is on educating the next generation. With this firmly in mind, we take out the uncertainty and stress of how school uniform needs will be met.

Our commitment is to offer: 

Great Uniforms - Supply high quality, durable, comfortable and smart school uniform to your students.

✶ Care and Attention - Take the time to understand you and your school uniform needs and provide bespoke solutions to address your requirements.

✶ Excellent Service - Provide a high standard of customer service with the capacity to match demand.

✶ A Meaningful Partnership - Support our schools and be part of its social fabric.

What makes Multiform Canada different and unique?

- We employ different business models to meet your needs: Direct to School, Direct to Parents, Online or On-Campus.

- We work in partnership with you in the design, branding and sale of school uniform. This may involve creating an entirely new uniform or enhancing or modifying your current uniform.

- All our school uniform is sourced carefully and tenaciously, to meet and exceed International Standards. Our uniforms are produced ethically - with fair wages, good conditions for workers and through a process that respects the environment.

- We collaborate with our schools and give back in various ways, e.g. supporting school initiatives that reflect community values and getting involved in fundraising events.

We are happy to show you our extensive range and discuss your needs.
Please do contact us and let’s explore how we can work together…